What is Luki Arts?

We produce superbly crafted high quality art from grog stone, commonly known as ironstone which is a sedimentary rock, a raw substance, a workable natural earth material. Our works depict historic Hawaiian life imagery through ki'i pohaku-ki'‘i meaning "image" and pohaku meaning "stone."

These unique artist pieces will provoke, soothe, inspire and delight. The natural flora and fauna found here on Kaua'i are also captured in stone and will grace any décor. Each work is hand crafted, carved and shaped, painted and sealed here on Kaua'i, in our south side Lawai studio.

We offer a wide selection of unique hanging artworks, perfectly suited for gift giving, and we can provide custom designs for businesses, clubs, wedding favors and trophies customized to your specifications. Original artwork from Luki has delighted discerning collectors since 2010. Thank you for joining us in considering how art honors life—and how it will stand in for each of us when we are no longer here to speak for ourselves.