About The Artist

A self taught oil painter who delved into the arts then attended evening art classes. This work is often chosen for its bold and metallic qualities. Inspiration is drawn from a seemingly endless source of majesty and beauty, the island home of Kaua'i.

Luki produces high quality artworks depicting historic Hawaiian petroglyphs, highly stylized natural flora, chakra, zen and Kanji symbols. The palette seems to flow from the countless rainbows that grace the skies, and from the rich earthen hues that color the ever changing island and sea scape. Each piece is completely unique and original.

The work is entirely hand crafted on Kaua'i, carved and shaped, painted and sealed in the south side Lawai studio. Luki has been accepted by the “Kaua'i Made” program which seeks to showcase products made on Kaua'i, and shows exceptional hand crafting and value quality standards set forth by this exclusive organization.